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The waves rush ashore as if they have a deadline to meet.

The waves rush ashore as if they have a deadline to meet. The spongy footprints of passersby disappear each time The Caribbean sea decides to push back. You'll probably recognize someone you saw the day before because this is everyday life. Unless you already live by the beach, imagine waking up and taking a trip to a place like this every day if you wanted. Sheltered by Isla Mujeres, another island right across from Cancun, the water here is calm, pleasant and safe for swimming.

A less than 10-minute walk across Avenida Kulkukan-the main strip in Cancun- to bask in beach glory made up for the less than stellar experience that the reviews boasted about for our 3-night stay. A quick shake of our luggage upon arriving at the airport ensured we packed no crawly friends home.

A short ride down Avenida Kulkukan brings an array of shops, hotels, clubs and restaurants to experience. The road itself is 25 km long and although the bus will take you a bit longer, no better way to experience another city than the tourist way. For 12 pesos (US 0.65) you get a one-way ticket to experience local life while the breeze hums a tune only your skin can explain. Just make sure to have your pesos ready because with dollars you won't get change.

To the Jungle
The hour ride to Puerto Morelos closes in on you until you are riding on dirt through trees. The adventure tour through the Maya jungle on ATVs was bumpy and dirty as you expect but exhilarating The Zipline kept going higher while the platforms to stand on got smaller. The only comfort came as the zipline workers climbed up the sides of each landing to strap themselves onto the harness and whisk away to the other side. If they're not scared to CLIMP at least 20-40 feet in the air you shouldn't be scared to soar, right? Thrilling and scary at the same time. The tequila tasting offered afterward was definitely welcomed.

La Ruta de los Cenotes
Whether a well or underwater sinkhole, Cenotes are spiritual deposits of water dating back to Mayan times for water sources and places for religious ceremonies. A jump off the platforms or hanging on zipline handles at Cenote Verde Lucero, the warmth and freshness of the water engulf you in what feels like a spiritual bath. And the fajita chicken, veggies, rice and beans offered after the 6-hour excursion they considered a snack felt like an entire meal. Definitely a must is you have not soaked in a Cenote.

Dine In
Mextreme is a large restaurant right on the strip with in and outdoor seating. Because of their good nature and great food, and delicious margaritas, this is a go-to for an awesome dining experience. From margaritas on your head to a cha-cha line, dinner under the stars at this place is nothing short of a great night. 

Whether you're looking for a chill spot or a place hosting adventure, Cancun is a nice getaway offering it all. The people are gentle and the experience is one for the books. If quaint and full of culture and and beauty, add Cancun on to your list next!

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